Welcome to the Regional Animal Protection Society

Blossom came to us as a severely neglected and abused dog. In so many other jurisdictions, she would have been euthanized. RAPS is a no-kill organization – and we saw the potential in Blossom.

The resilience of dogs like Blossom – and other animals of every species – is a miracle and an inspiration. Yet it is a miracle that we witness every day.

Your support for RAPS results in magnificent happy endings like Blossom’s.

We are aiming to build a RAPS Dog Sanctuary to provide medium- and long-term care for dogs requiring rehabilitation or who have health needs that require attention before they go to their forever homes.

Will you help?


Read more about Blossom’s story of recovery and love
here and here.

Without RAPS, so many animals would face a tragic future.
You give hope. Thank you!

If you have lost a pet or found an animal, call the SPCA at 604-709-4668.

For adoptions and surrenders, please call our Adoption Centre at 604-275-2036.

For animal medical emergencies, call the hospital at 604-242-1666.