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Dozens of rabbits to be euthanized at Richmond Animal Shelter after RHD infection

An outbreak of rabbit hemorrhagic disease, which is highly contagious, has hit the Richmond facility

CBC-RHD-SpreadAn outbreak of the highly contagious airborne virus, rabbit hemorrhagic disease (RHD), has spread to the Richmond Animal Shelter, forcing officials to euthanize the no-kill shelter’s entire population of rabbits.

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Rabbits ordered killed at B.C. shelter after deadly virus detected

An animal shelter in Richmond, B.C., has been advised to euthanize all 66 rabbits in its care after confirmation that several animals have tested positive for rabbit hemorrhagic disease.

CTV-RHD-SpreadThe virus can cause death within hours and the Regional Animal Protection Society, which operates the Richmond Animal Shelter, says it was likely introduced by infected feral rabbits that were found dead on the property.

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Richmond animal charity forced to cull its rabbits due to virus outbreak

Richmond animal charity forced to cull its rabbits due to virus outbreak

RichmondNews-RHD-SpreadThe Regional Animal Protection Society (RAPS) – which prides itself on its no-kill policy – has been told by the Ministry of Agriculture to euthanize the remaining 66 rabbits in its care, after the highly contagious rabbit hemorrhagic disease (RHD) struck its No. 5 Road shelter last week.

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Regional Animal Protection Society opens new veterinary hospital

People and dogs alike celebrated the opening of a new animal hospital in Richmond for critters in the care of the Regional Animal Protection Society on Monday.

CTVNews-Hospital-OpeningAnimals in the city’s shelters and will get looked after at the new clinic. Some animals, like cats at a local cat sanctuary, spend their whole lives in RAPS’ care while others are looking to be adopted.

“First and foremost … anything that needs to be done we can do here,” said RAPS president Fearn Edmonds.

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New Richmond animal hospital officially opens

After their original plan to open in January hit a snag, a new animal hospital in Richmond held their grand opening Monday.

VanSun-Hospital-OpeningThe RAPS Animal Hospital is a “full-service, community-supported veterinary hospital,” officials wrote in announcing their opening.

Richmond mayor Malcolm Brodie and other dignitaries were on hand for the ribbon cutting at the new hospital, which will offer care for all kinds of animals.

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RAPS opens new animal hospital in Richmond

The Regional Animal Protection Society opened on Family Day its first dedicated animal hospital in the Richmond Auto Mall.

RichmondNews-Hospital-OpeningPhotos by Boaz Joseph/Special to the News

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New animal hospital
gets large loan

Vancity partners with RAPS to open new regional facility at Richmond Auto Mall

A new Richmond animal hospital that will help furry friends from across the region is a step closer to completion, thanks to a large financial commitment from Vancity.

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RAPS name change is official

Richmond animal shelter charts new course with 'regional' tag

NameChange-Thumbnail-1It’s official. RAPS – Richmond’s animal shelter – has changed its name and is now called the “Regional” Animal Protection Society.

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Richmond no-kill animal shelter to open new vet hospital, expand service areas

A Richmond no-kill animal shelter will soon open an animal hospital and begin serving the entire Metro Vancouver region.

Donut-VanSun-Thumbnail-3The Richmond Animal Protection Society will also change its name to the Regional Animal Protection Society to better reflect the communities it frequently serves.

“RAPS has been a regional organization the last 10 years,” said CEO Eyal Lichtmann. “We have been accepting animals from all over the province.”

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Who Would Abandon a Poodle in a Locked Suitcase?

When Graham Barrett heard thumping and muffled movement from some underbrush, he found something he couldn’t quite believe.

Donut-Care2-Thumbnail-2Someone had locked a little dog in a suitcase and left him there to die.

Barrett was walking his own dogs in Richmond, British Columbia, when he heard the odd noises. He poked around in some underbrush and found a hard-shell blue and black suitcase. From the whimpering inside, it was obvious an animal was trapped in there — on the hottest day of the year so far.
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Man Sees Suitcase In The Woods — And Finds The Friendliest Dog Locked Inside

The dog's name is Donut now, and he's finally safe.

Donut-FoxNews-Thumbnail-1Last Sunday, Graham Barrett was walking his two dogs through the woods near Richmond in British Columbia, Canada, when he noticed something odd. They had wandered past a ravine, and Barrett noticed a blue and black suitcase behind some bushes.

“He was dehydrated, and he was covered in urine and feces,” Eyal Lichtmann, CEO and executive director of Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS), told The Dodo. “[Barrett] immediately gave him some water and some food, and then the police brought the dog to us.”

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Shelter honours 'hero' who rescued dog in suitcase

The Good Samaritan who went to Mounties after finding a small poodle locked into a carry-on suitcase has been honoured for his kindness – and saving the life of the callously abandoned pooch.

The apricot-coloured mini poodle, dubbed Donut because of his sweet demeanor, was discovered in a ditch in a wooded area in Richmond, B.C., on May 28.

Graham Barrett took the hard-sided suitcase home with him and alerted police after trying to pry off the two locks that were holding the whimpering dog inside.

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Mini Donut ready for a new home in Richmond

Dog who was dumped in a locked suitcase has been cleared for adoption after owner fails to show

Donut-Richmond-News-Thumbnail-2The little dog found last week locked inside a suitcase and dumped in a ditch could be on his way to a new home.

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Abandoned kitten found inside diaper box in Richmond

After a small poodle was found abandoned and dumped in a locked suitcase on Sunday in Richmond, another small animal was found earlier this week in a similar predicament in the same city.

Goldie-Hive-Thumbnail-2This time it was a cat – or rather a seven-week old kitten – “with tiny blue eyes.”

The tiny feline was found abandoned in a Richmond park, inside a Pampers Diaper box.

Both are now being taken care of Richmond Animal Shelter (RAPS).

In a statement, RAPS said there is “no reason” for this type of cruelty to happen.

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Tiny poodle found 'cruelly' dumped in locked suitcase in Richmond

A small poodle is recovering after being found dumped in a locked suitcase on Sunday.

Suitcase2-News-Thumbnail-1The pup, dubbed Donut by shelter staff because of his sweetness, is friendly and in good health, despite being trapped inside the hard-sided, carry-on sized suitcase for up to six hours on one of the hottest days of the year.

A Good Samaritan in Richmond called RCMP for help after finding the case in a wooded ditch near Alderbridge and No 4 Road.

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Dog Found Locked In Suitcase And Dumped In Ditch In Richmond, B.C.

The RCMP and B.C. SPCA are investigating after a poodle was found locked in a suitcase and dumped in a wooded area in Richmond.

A passerby heard noises coming from a ditch near Alderbridge and No. 4 Road in the Nature Park area, near the new Walmart development. Upon closer inspection, the person found a hard-shelled suitcase and pried it open.

A dog was discovered inside, lying in its own urine and feces. 

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Poodle ‘In Good Health’ After Found Locked Inside Discarded Suitcase

A dog walker is credited with finding the little animal, since named Donut.

A poodle is lucky to be alive after a good Samaritan found him locked inside a suitcase discarded off a road in Canada over the weekend, authorities said.

The tiny animal, since named Donut, was heard crying inside the blue, hard-shelled luggage on Sunday by a dog walker in Vancouver, British Columbia, the Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS) said Monday.

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Richmond rescue shelter pleads with pet owners not to abandon animals after 2nd discovery in 2 days

Pet owners urged to surrender animals, not abandon them

A Richmond, B.C. shelter is urging pet owners not to abandon unwanted animals after a dog and cat were found deserted within a day of each other. 

Sunday, a man out for a walk near the Richmond Nature Park heard the sound of a crying dog coming from a ditch and subsequently found a dog had been left abandoned in a double-locked suitcase.

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Little dog found in double-locked suitcase on hottest day of year

Toy poodle named Donut by animal shelter staff is alive and doing very well

Walking his two dogs close to Richmond’s Walmart late on Sunday afternoon, Graham Barrett’s attention was diverted to a weird bumping and scraping noise coming from the undergrowth.

It was the hottest day of the year so far and, as Barrett peered through the weeds that had grown next to an under-construction townhouse complex, he was perturbed by what he saw – a double-padlocked, medium-sized suitcase, with its contents moving around.

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Rescued poodle was dumped in locked suitcase on hottest day of the year

He was found locked in a discarded suitcase, in a wooded ravine on Sunday, in the Vancouver suburb of Richmond.

It was the hottest day of the year, 84 degrees outside, when a passerby heard whimpering coming from a hard shelled suitcase, which appeared to be moving.

The suitcase was double locked and when it was finally pried open, inside was an extremely frightened Toy Poodle sitting in his own feces and urine.

It appeared the animal had been locked up for three to six hours, according Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS) CEO Eyal Lichtmann.

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Cute poodle found dumped in locked suitcase on hottest day of the year

How in heck could someone have done this?

Police and animal-welfare officials are investigating after a cute poodle was found inside a locked suitcase dumped in a ditch in a suburb of Vancouver, Canada.

According to a report on the website of the Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS), police delivered the dog to the shelter after a passerby heard it crying in a hard-shell piece of baggage on Sunday.

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Little dog found in double-locked suitcase on hottest day of year

Toy poodle named Donut by animal shelter staff is alive and doing very well

Graham Barrett was taking his two dogs for their evening walk by an empty lot along Alexandra Road when he spotted a suitcase that looked like it had something moving inside.

“I heard this noise coming through the undergrowth,” he told CTV News. “I saw this suitcase… I knew it had to be an animal. I knew something was trapped inside.”

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Poodle found abandoned inside locked suitcase

A dog left abandoned inside a locked suitcase was found by a Richmond man on Sunday who got police to help pry open the luggage and save the animal.

Graham Barrett was taking his two dogs for their evening walk by an empty lot along Alexandra Road when he spotted a suitcase that looked like it had something moving inside.

“I heard this noise coming through the undergrowth,” he told CTV News. “I saw this suitcase… I knew it had to be an animal. I knew something was trapped inside.”

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Poodle found locked in suitcase, abandoned in Richmond woods

A poodle that was found locked in a suitcase and abandoned in the woods has sparked an investigation by the Richmond RCMP and B.C. SPCA cruelty investigations team.

“The dog was brought to the Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS) animal shelter on Sunday night by a pair of RCMP officers after it was discovered in a wooded area of Richmond by a person out for a walk.

“It was a hard-shelled suitcase in the middle of the woods in a ditch. The suitcase was double locked … the person purposely locked the suitcase and it had to be broken into,” said Eyal Lichtmann, CEO of RAPS.

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SPCA and RCMP investigating after dog found locked in suitcase in Richmond

Animal advocates say they’re horrified after a dog was found locked in a suitcase in Richmond.

Eyal Lichtmann, CEO of the Richmond Animal Protection Society says the male poodle was brought to his group by the RCMP Sunday afternoon.

“The dog had been found by an individual out for a walk in a wooded area of Richmond and heard some noise and found the dog in a hard cased suitcase that was double locked,” he says.

Lichtmann says its not clear how long the dog was in that condition, but that RAPS’ medical team has taken over. tdon’t know how long the dog was in the suitcase, but it has since been treated by RAPS’ medical staff.

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CBC Vancouver - Meow!

40 cats at the Richmond cat sanctuary are in need of homes.

The Richmond Cat Sanctuary is a home for unadaptable cats but thanks to some TLC, some cats are now ready for a new home. The sanctuary houses over 450 cats. Many are feral, and will never be fit to be someone’s pet.

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Proposed animal hospital to help fund animal care

RAPS hopes more independence will mean more animal sanctuaries

The Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS) announced Tuesday (April 25) a significant shift in the organization’s direction that has the potential to get a lot of tails wagging in delight.

According to RAPS’ CEO and executive director, Eyal Lichtmann, the organization is on its way to a self-sufficient and hopefully financially independent future with plans to open its own veterinary hospital that will not only look after animals under RAPS’ care, but provide a service for paying customers.

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B.C.-based dog whisperer to rehab Great Dane rescued by 9/11 first responder

To understand a dog, James Tsai starts with the eyes.

“I can see the depth of their soul,” said Tsai, of the photos owners have sent him, asking for his advice on their canine companions.

After inspecting the eyes, Tsai moves on to the dog’s face and then examines the body, their muscles, how they carry themselves. Without meeting a dog in person and simply by searching for visual clues, Tsai says he’s about 80-per-cent accurate in determining a dog’s temperament, their personality, what ailments they struggle with and how best to nurture the dog.

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Dog burned in Richmond fire healing, but needs months of care

A dog who received severe burns to her face, belly and paws last month in Richmond is recovering well, but still needs months of care.

raps isabelle burnsIsabelle, a pit bull terrier mix, was stuck inside the trailer she’d been staying in when it went up in flames the week before Christmas. She eventually found her way out, but received second- and third-degree burns as a result.

Her case was “one of the most severe” a Richmond Animal Hospital veterinarian had ever seen, the vet told CTV News in December, adding that it was remarkable that the dog had survived at all.

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Isabelle – Definitely a fighter

Protection society raising money for dog injured in fire

raps isabelle burnsIsabelle is “definitely a fighter,” her veterinarian says, but the pit bull terrier mix needs help after being badly burned in a fire.

The injured pup received second- and third-degree burns the week before Christmas when the trailer she’d been staying in went up in flames.

Two dogs were caught in the Dec. 20 fire. One escaped with minor injuries, but Isabelle was initially trapped. Eventually, she managed to escape the wreckage, but she was left with burns on her paws, belly, chest and face.


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Update: Burned pit-bull getting better

Isabelle is responding to treatment but is still in intensive care at specialist clinic

Isabelle-News-Thumbnail-2She’s going the right way but is still in serious condition in intensive care.

Isabelle the pit-bull is slowly, but surely fighting back to health after suffering second-degree burns in a devastating trailer fire before Christmas.

She was initially receiving urgent care at the Richmond Animal Hospital for severe injuries on her paws, belly, chest and face in the Dec. 20 blaze in rural East Richmond.

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Pit bull burned in fire needs your help to survive

Isabelle the pit bull suffered second-degree burns in a fire just days before Christmas.

Isabelle the pit bull suffered second-degree burns in a fire just days before Christmas. Her owner is homeless and unable to afford the mounting vet bills. As Kristin Robinson reports there’s now a public appeal for help – and time is of the essence.

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Richmond animal shelter launches appeal to help burned dog

Pit-bull Isabelle faces long fight ahead after suffering second-degree burns sustained in trailer blaze

isabelle burnsRichmond’s animal shelter is asking for donations to help continue a dog’s fight for survival after it was badly burned in a trailer fire.

The Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS) has been looking after pit-bull terrier Isabelle, who suffered second degree burns to her paws, belly, chest and face during the blaze at her owner’s trailer in the 17,000 block of River Road — near No. 8 Road — just before midnight on Tuesday, Dec. 20.

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Rabbit rescuers to
the rescue in Richmond

With Easter approaching, Cindy Howard and her gang are speaking up for the gentle creatures who can't speak for themselves

jinglesPedro’s hind quarters start to shimmy and shake to some rhythm imperceptible to human senses.

But by looking at the quivering of his downy grey fur you quickly get the idea that the chunk of banana he is happily feasting on has likely got something to do with his delightful jig.

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Growing pains

Richmond animal shelter taking leap of faith into the future

GrowingPains-IconRAPS’ new CEO says charity must change, grow, as it enters its 10th year of City of Richmond contract

Composed and unhurried, Eyal Lichtmann finds the comfy, red faux leather armchair in a quiet corner of Waves Coffee House on No. 3 Road and Westminster Highway.

Moments earlier, Lichtmann had been thrust in front of yet another TV camera to field questions about a dog called Yogi, in the care of the Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS), who is seemingly on death row after a mauling incident last week in a local park.

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Operating daily in
Richmond's no-kill zone

Richmond Animal Shelter lives and breathes by its policy to keep animals alive if they have a chance of being fit and healthy

NoKill-IconSixty-eight cats, 77 rabbits, 25 small creatures, four farmyard dwellers and 122 dogs, 106 of which currently reside in foster homes across Richmond.

As the News and members of the public petted their way around the Richmond Animal Protection Society’s shelter (RAPS), it’s clear the animals come in many shapes and sizes; some young, some old, some who’ll eventually find a new home; many who won’t.

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For the love of animals

In the heart of Richmond’s farmland, well back from a busy road, sit a few trailers and assorted small buildings, all enclosed by a chain-linked fence.

LoveofAnimals-IconA solitary car, covered in frost on a January morning, is in the parking lot. It looks abandoned, but it’s not – it belongs to 86-year-old Elizabeth Bodnarik, who’s been here since 5:30 a.m. looking after about 500 homeless cats that live here at the Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS) cat sanctuary.

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50 dogs abandoned at Metro Vancouver animal shelters

Several cages containing 38 small dogs were ditched overnight in the parking lot of the Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS).

50Abandoned-IconMETRO VANCOUVER — A Richmond animal shelter staff’s hands and arms are full after an anonymous donor dropped off more than three dozen dogs and puppies overnight on Friday, while in New Westminster, a security guard found 12 dogs abandoned outside the animal shelter.

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Tales of starvation and neglect prompt Richmond to consider new rules to prohibit pet dumping

Owners who abandon pets tough to convict under B.C. law

PetDumping-IconThe evidence of his neglect caused injuries show on Coconut, a cat found abandoned in the bushes off the Shell Road trail trapped inside a pet carrier more than a month ago. The abandoned pet has had several surgeries as he recovers at the Richmond Animal Protection Society facility Tuesday, September 18, 2012 in Richmond, B.C.

The only reason the white Persian cat, described as “tame and lovable,” survived was because nearby berry pickers in Richmond heard his wailing.

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