Low cost spay-neuter
assistance program

Reduced costs for low income Richmond residents


Residents of Richmond who have low income can contact RAPS for reduced-cost spay or neuter surgeries for their cats. Through this program, RAPS arranges to have cats spayed or neutered, with the owner paying a portion of the cost. The City of Richmond bylaw requires that cats must be spayed or neutered. Please contact RAPS at 604-275-2036 if you require assistance.

for pet owners

Free educational materials


RAPS offers free educational materials available at the Richmond Shelter, including information on how to care for rabbits and cats, the benefits of spaying and neutering, and the “Dog’s Bill of Rights.” We also have a reference library with books and resources. Please visit the Richmond Animal Shelter for information and check out our online educational resources.

Free Bunny waste
for your garden

Great for adding to your compost bin


RAPS has many domestic rabbits for adoption, and they create a lot of waste. This waste is great for composting or for adding directly to a garden. Bunny waste bins are accessible from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. The bins are located on the north side of the main shelter building. Bring a box or bin, and take all you want! We’ll always have more! For questions on the bunny waste distribution, call RAPS at 604-275-2036.

DNA My Dog Kits available at the Richmond Animal Shelter

Do you wonder what kind of dog you have?


Do you wonder what breed of dog you have? If so, pick up a DNA My Dog kit at the Richmond Animal Shelter. These kits instruct you on how to get a DNA sample from your dog to find out his or her breed combination. (Don’t worry! It’s easy and painless!) The kit and processing costs about $60 plus GST+shipping. (This is the same cost as if you purchased the kit from the company, DNA My Dog). DNA My Dog donates the proceeds towards the care of shelter dogs with special medical needs. Also, after you get your results, send us an email and picture of your dog and let us know what kind of dog he or she is. We’d love to feature your companion in our blog or newsletter. Kits are available for a $10 donation to RAPS (which is included in the $60 plus GST+shipping). The remainder of the cost is paid directly to DNA My Dog.