Current Job Postings:

Animal Control Officer – Part-time

Saturday & Sunday, 9am-5pm

Pay Grade
Starting Wage – $18.00 per hour
Increases as approved by RAPS Board of Directors


  • Perform daily patrols of assigned areas in animal control vehicle watching for stray, injured or dead animals
  • Patrol for pet owners violating Richmond Animal Bylaws
  • Issue Notice of Bylaw Violation tickets when necessary
  • Respond to calls from the public concerning stray, injured, dangerous animals or animals in distress as dispatched through reception
  • Be responsible for picking up stray, injured or dead wildlife and transporting them to the shelter or to local veterinarian
  • Prepare and complete daily reports, patrol logs and investigative reports by computer paying close attention to detail and accuracy; this information is collected the last working day of every month to be presented to the City of Richmond
  • Communicate and provide information to the public regarding dog licensing, pet owner responsibilities and Richmond Animal Bylaws
  • Conduct investigations in response to public complaints of Bylaw violations and, if required, appear in court to testify or present evidence regarding violations of Richmond Animal Bylaws
  • Assist the RCMP in attending Police incidents, as necessary
  • Clean, care and help maintain the Animal Control vehicle and equipment
  • Handle dangerous, sick, and injured animals including the pickup of dead and decomposing carcasses in a safe, humane and respectful manner
  • Transport shelter animals to veterinary appointments in a timely manner, ensuring animals arrive at their appointment on time
  • Transport shelter animals to various Pet Stores for display; assist with setting them up
  • Assisting with Donation Program; pick-up, drop-off to various locations
  • Assist with handling and restraining unpredictable animals during in-shelter veterinarian exams
  • Be responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of the incinerator
  • Perform weekly cremations of deceased animals
  • As an employee of RAPS, assist with any tasks or duties related to the operation of shelter, as assigned by the Manager

Knowledge (Education & Experience):

  • Candidate is preferred to have completed Bylaw Compliance, Enforcement & Investigative Skills Level l program at the Justice Institute of B.C. or completes the course within the first year of employment at RAPS. Further encouraged to complete Level ll of this program after the first year of employment
  • Must have a clear understanding of the City of Richmond’s Bylaws
  • Have a genuine interest in and concern for the overall well-being of animals and demonstrate empathy and compassion for unwanted, stray and suffering animals in need
  • Is familiar with, and sympathetic to the goals and mission of the Richmond Animal Protection Society
  • Follow and uphold shelter policies and protocols and complete all tasks to a high standard
  • Possess competent reading and writing skills
  • Communicate effectively with the Shelter Manager and the Administrative Assistance
  • Maintain a professional and respectful manner at all times
  • Adhere to and uphold terms of RAPS’ confidentiality policy and privacy clause
  • Must be in possession of a valid B.C. driver’s license
  • High School graduation, plus two years of related experience OR an equivalent combination of education and experience

Judgment, Authority, Decision Making:

  • Good judgment is required when dealing with agitated animals and emotional pet owners
  • Officers must have a high tolerance for handling sick, injured, dangerous and dead animals (capturing exotic animals, such as snakes, is required)
  • Officers are responsible for making sound judgment calls when responding to injured animal calls and deeming emergency euthanasia when appropriate
  • Work independently
  • Work is performed in accordance with established procedures and accepted practices involving freedom to select which methods are applicable in any given situation
  • Job tasks are generally standardized with ability to choose action within limits defined by standard/accepted information and procedures
  • Organization of work to accomplish goals is expected

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Considerable interpersonal skills are required
  • Builds rapport and defuses tense situations with people who may be difficult or challenging
  • Actively listens, and probes for information to clarify requests/information required
  • Uses tact and discretion when discussing problems and eliciting sensitive or confidential information
  • Provides interpretation of a routine to moderately complex nature

Working Conditions:

  • Animal Shelter Environment
  • Must be able to move objects or animals weighing up to 100lbs
  • Interruptions are an expected part of the position and reprioritization and/or rescheduling of tasks is required for work completion

Reporting structure is as follows:

  • Shelter Manager
  • CEO/li>

Job Type: Part-time
Salary: $18.00 /hour

Required education:

  • High school or equivalent

Required license or certification:

  • Class 5 Drivers License

To apply, please send your resume directly to the Animal Shelter Manager here.
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