RAPS Board 2016

FearnEdmondsFearn EdmondsBoard President and Executive Board Member
I have been with RAPS (formerly Richmond Homeless Cats) for 20 years and watched it grow to become the great organization it is today. Our team consists of a diverse and talented group of individuals who are passionate about what they do on and off the job. I am honoured to be part of this team as we move forward into the future. I believe in providing the tools and opportunity for all individuals to reach their greatest potential. I bring a marketing, public relations and community social services background to RAPS and will continue my path to continuous learning and development to improve the various ways I can benefit the animals and people I serve.

As Chair of the Board I feel it is important to be a good role model in the community, educate the public and provide advocacy for animals. I will also continue building relationships with stakeholders and members in Richmond and beyond. I hope to continue serving RAPS and the public in the coming year ahead. Thank you for your support.

CarolPorteousCarol PorteousSecretary and Executive Board Member
As a volunteer for RAPS, it has given me great personal fulfillment and an ever-growing passion for this organization. My background includes extensive fundraising for various charities, office management and owning my own business for many years. I have three “Furry Children” at home. All three are rescue cats, including Ben who was adopted from the Shelter. My hobbies include crafting and participating in international cooking competitions. I was the first Canadian to be awarded Grand Master Cook by the International Chili Society. When I’m not cooking or crafting, I volunteer at the RAPS Sanctuary every Tuesday and help with trapping, as well as fundraising for RAPS. Our last three fundraisers have been a great success and I take personal pride in being part of that. I was also involved with the SPCA for over 10 years as both a volunteer and doing contract work. My experience there included cat grooming, dog walking, fundraising and working on various campaigns. I headed their major fundraiser, the annual walkathon, and raised over $50,000. I feel extremely proud to be part of this organization and I will always do my best to help RAPS for many years to come.

MargaretMargaret Leathley – Treasurer and Executive Board Member
My name is Margaret Leathley and it’s been my pleasure to have served on the RAPS Board as the Treasurer. Being on the RAPS board over the past nine years has proven a great learning experience on all the important facets of our organization and how important animal welfare is to me and all those that volunteer beside me. With the new CEO on board with the organization, I am very excited to be on the ground floor for all the changes that are happening to RAPS. The vision, while it has always been there, is closer than we have every dreamed and I would be honoured to have the support of the membership to serve for another term on the Board to see our dreams as an organization come true. For those that do not know me personally, I have spent the last 30 years working at UBC, 26 of them in the Pension Office where my first love is helping the staff at UBC in their plans for retirement. At UBC I am on the Board of Director for the Management and Professional Staff as a member at large and sit on various committees dealing with benefits, employee engagement and policy/procedures. On the animal side, I have two cats who love my husband (who is allergic to them) more than me, which is why I love my time at the sanctuary – cats that will let me pet them and want to be with me –nothing like Harry’s love when I’m there!!!! What a wonderful feeling – nothing like it in the world. Thanking you in advance for your support.

Catherine EllesmereCatherine EllsmereVice President and Executive Board Member
I have been involved with RAPS for the past 15 years and served on the board for the past 13 years. I bring to RAPS a strong business management, marketing and communications background. I have worked in management and supervisory capacities for several large retail chains and have owned and operated my own successful business for the past 24 years. My RAPS involvement, along with the board service, has been with the Sanctuary (Thursday night double-wide up until the fall of 2014) and with the Thrift Store. I am very proud of the opportunity to work with such a diverse and passionate group of people. I believe together we will continue to grow more efficient, provide more opportunities, and improve the quality and care for all animals in our community. I hope to have the privilege of serving on the RAPS board through these exciting changes. I believe in a great long-lasting future for RAPS so we are “ always” here for the animals.

DonnaMurrayDonna MurrayExecutive Board Member
As a resident of Richmond, I have volunteered with RAPS for three years, including my two years on the Board of Directors. I am a Human Resources and Business Operations Professional specializing in the management of people, business and culture with a talent for networking and relationship building. I am proud to donate my time and expertise to further the RAPS organization and continue to advocate for the animals in our community. I hope to have the privilege again in 2016/2017 to serve RAPS and the community to the best of my abilities. Thank you so much for your support!

Alan-MarchantAlan MarchantChief Financial Officer and Executive Board Member
Alan Marchant was the Executive Director of Advancement Services at UBC, where he raised over $2 billion during his tenure. Alan provided leadership and vision in the use of enabling technologies, systems, administration, human resources and financial management in support of the VP Development & Alumni Engagement and VP External, Legal & Community Relations portfolios in the advancement of UBC.

Alan Marchant is an experienced Financial, Administrator, Information Systems Professional with an MBA and CPA CMA accounting designation and over 35 years of diverse and progressive experience in industry segments that include higher education, retail, manufacturing, transportation and financial organizations. Focusing on customer service, responsible and accountable at a senior management level for the strategic use and management of the finances, administration and information; such that its provision in a timely, relevant and useful manner adds to the success and well being of the organization.

DrGuyAradDr. Guy Arad (RAPS’ Vet) – RAPS’ Animal Medical Advisor
Dr. Guy Arad moved with his wife, two daughters, dog and cat from Israel in 2007 to join a veterinary clinic in Richmond. He graduated from the Saint Istvan University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, in Budapest, Hungary, in 2002, specializing in orthopedic surgery, intensive care and cardiology. He is one of the lead surgeons at Fraser Heights Medical Centre, where he is providing surgical services for RAPS’ animals. Dr. Arad will assist RAPS with the hiring of med-tech vet assistants to improve on the medical expertise at the shelter. With Dr. Arad’s guidance, the management staff and Board will have real time professional medical advice to make important decisions, which in turn will reduce RAPS’ vet expenses by great amounts.

Karen-YuKaren Yu  Board Member 
My name is Karen Yu and I have been a volunteer with RAPS for eleven years and a board member for the past year. In that time, I have been involved in many aspects of the Cat Sanctuary. I have had a regular evening shift twice a week, helped supervise groups of children at the Sanctuary, assisted with renovations and special projects. Last year I helped compile a list of current cats at the Cat Sanctuary to enter in to a database and help keep that database updated. I also spent time creating a spreadsheet of all the deceased Sanctuary cats. In addition to working at the Cat Sanctuary, I also try to help out at the City Shelter whenever I can. Through discussions I had with vets at West Coast Dental we have been able to have donated dentals for cats at the sanctuary. I have worked very hard over the last year to help in my capacity as a board member and would like the opportunity to help RAPS for another year. Aside from my work with RAPS, I currently teach at an inner-city elementary school in the Downtown Eastside, and have been working for the Vancouver School Board for over 15 years. I currently have 2 cats (one from the Sanctuary and one from the City Shelter).

Peter MahBoard Member
I have been a volunteer at RAPS for over 10 years and professionally have worked 25 years with a global software solutions and consulting services company as a Support Analyst. Having been through numerous corporate simplifications as a define lead I am well aware of the process required to manage change. I see RAPS in the midst of transformational changes and if elected to the Board will work to find the balance so that RAPS does not lose focus of the values that attracted me to the organization to begin with.
This past year I have been involved with rolling out our Shelter Management software and coordinating activities around the refresh our Website and Newsletter. I hope to be even more involved in streamlining and improving our programs to attract more people to the organization and expand the reach of the organization. When I started with RAPS I saw that a group of thoughtful and committed people can really make a difference and I look forward to continue their work.

GeriPicGeri TillerBoard Member
Geri has been affiliated with the Board since 1995. In 2004, Geri was a Board member of RAPS and oversaw the submission and reporting for RAPS’ gaming grants. Geri was integrally involved in all the legal filings to change the name from Richmond Homeless Cats to RAPS, acquiring the City contract for RAPS and updating RAPS’ constitution and by-laws for meeting CRA requirements. During her tenure on the Board, Geri assisted in raising $400,000 in gaming grants. Also, Geri’s volunteerism included trapping cats, scooping litter, cleaning cages and pens, doing laundry and caring for animals. At this time in RAPS’ history as the organization realizes fundamental changes and growth, Geri would like to RAPS in managing the changes and with development efforts.

Marta2Marta Bannister
Board Member

I’ve been an active volunteer with RAPS for just over a year now and during this time I’ve seen first-hand the tremendous amount of work that goes into running this organization. The passion and dedication is outstanding. One of the main reasons I chose to volunteer with RAPS was because of the no-kill policy. I believe in rehabilitation and that with understanding and commitment any animal can turn-around and flourish.