Meet Pretzel!

pretzel2 Pretzel was found as a baby in a local park at the end of January; she was most likely dumped there and left to fend for herself – something we see all too often with domestic rabbits whose owners no longer want them. We’d love Pretzel to find a forever home where she can spend the rest of her life happy and well cared for!

Although still under a year old, Pretzel has grown steadily during her time at the shelter and is now just over 5lbs. She is very sweet and gentle, and is accepting of careful petting and affection. She has learned to use her litter box quite well at the shelter, and she loves to chew and play with toys. She also enjoys being brushed, which helps to maintain her beautiful coat.

pretzel3Because she is a large breed rabbit, Pretzel requires a home with a big space to accommodate her size – she needs plenty of room to hop, run and explore. Her new home must also be prepared to supply a balanced diet including lots of timothy hay, fresh leafy greens, and a portioned amount of high-quality rabbit pellets; keeping in mind that her appetite is bigger than an average-sized bun’s. Please consider meeting Pretzel!

For more information about Pretzel, please contact the RAPS Animal Shelter at 604-275-2036 or email

All interested applicants are encouraged to meet the animal before submitting an application.