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2017 … What a year!

Happy new year! In case you wonder what your support means to RAPS, here’s a sample of what the RAPS Cat Sanctuary did in 2017.

Canada’s Only Cat Sanctuary has upwards of 500 cats but can take 950 cats based on our current infrastructure set-up.

In 2017, the RAPS Cat Sanctuary took in exactly 105 cats! Of these, 34 were surrenders, 50 were transferred from other shelters or organizations, 5 ferals and 16 came from the RAPS-run City of Richmond Animal Shelter.

Other important statistics about the RAPS Cat Sanctuary in 2017:

  • Cats-Sanctuary-1 In 2017, the percentage of healthy cats being euthanized for other than suffering medical ailments in some shelters across Canada was as high of 9%. At RAPS Cat Sanctuary that statistic is 0% every year .
  • RAPS could take in 40% of the current cats euthanized by local animal care organizations, (for RAPS’ life fee for that cat). That is what RAPS Cat Sanctuary exists for.
  • RAPS uses approximately 450+ cans of cat food a day. That equals nearly 165,000 cans of cat food per year. A tuna a day 9 lives as they say….
  • RAPS uses approximately 72,000 pounds of cat litter per year. RAPS spends tens of thousands of dollars on cat litter each year.
  • RAPS Cat Sanctuary conducts approximately 250 medical procedures on our cats per day (not including visits to the vets). We have the best cat nurses!
  • RAPS Cat Sanctuary had upwards of $120,000 in dental work done on its cats in 2017. That’s a lot of teeth to care for…
  • The yearly veterinarian cost at the sanctuary is an average $379.00 per cat. We think its worth it! From a street life to a safe life!
  • The yearly medical cost for cats at the sanctuary (vets plus daily medications) is about $879.00 per cat. We think its even more worth it! From a street life to a safe life!
  • The RAPS Sanctuary’s 210 volunteers and 500 cats are being overseen by only 11 paid staff. We do big things on small budgets.
  • RAPS hopes to have the resources to house 950 cats by the end of 2018. When You Give…They Live!

These are only some of the statistics related to running Canada’s only cat sanctuary.

Animals come to RAPS from all over the province because we are a no-kill organization. Many of the animals in our care would have been euthanized in their jurisdiction of origin. This is the ultimate testament to our motto: “When you give … They live!”

In 2017, RAPS welcomed multiple cats from Richmond, Vancouver, Surrey, Delta, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Cache Creek and Vancouver Island, as well as individual animals from throughout B.C.

One of the reasons cats come to us is because they have chronic but manageable conditions. In most other jurisdictions, they would be euthanized, but RAPS has special facilities and expertise for caring for them. Among the 105 who came to us this year, 11 carry the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and one has feline leukemia virus (FeLV). Many others were suspected of carrying FeLV.


Sadly, as is inevitable, 73 of our cats passed away this year, and, as sad as this is for staff and volunteers, we take some comfort in the knowledge that, thanks to RAPS supporters, we were able to give them the very best lives possible until the very end.
Because RAPS operates the RAPS Cat Sanctuary, the City of Richmond Animal Shelter and a network of foster homes, we are uniquely equipped to accommodate all sorts of animals, including some who are deemed unadoptable. Even so, small miracles sometimes happen and 20 cats (out of 500) were adopted in 2017 from the Sanctuary.
All of this is possible because of your support in 2017!

We look forward to making you proud of our efforts in 2018! With the opening of the RAPS Animal Hospital, imagine how much more we can do in 2018 … with your support!