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Who cares about scalable systems in animal care?

Scalable systems. It’s not a phrase we hear a lot in the animal non-profit community. Maybe it should be.

To be scalable, a business, non-profit or any sort of venture develops systems of operations that can be replicated to serve more people – or, in our case, animals.

Scalable-Image-1So many amazing people are doing incredible things to improve the lives of animals around the world. Yet, very often, we’re operating in our own limited areas. When there are truly superb ideas, they should be shared so that what works in one place is allowed to work for even more agencies and the animals they serve.

We are creating an entirely new model of community-supported, social enterprise NO-KILL animal care. When our model is fully operationalized, it’s going to revolutionize the way we operate and allow us to provide more and better care for more animals than ever before.

Scalable-Image-3Then, when we’ve perfected the model, we’re going to share it with NO-KILL animal-serving agencies worldwide. We’re going to build the template for a whole new way of imagining, funding and operating animal care agencies … then we’ll offer it to other agencies that are doing the same sort of work we do.

We’re asking for your support for this exciting project. And because what we are developing is a scalable model, your support now will help animals in our own community first. Then what we learn will be able to be used to help animals everywhere – because animals know no human-made boundaries.

So, thank you for the support you have already shown for the animals of RAPS. Together, we are going to change the world for so many more animals.