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Spring Open Adoption Weekend

Cat Sanctuary Open Adoption Event May 27-28 is the first to offer adoptions.

RAPS is inviting the public to come and visit the Cat Sanctuary and see some of the lovable cats that are available for adoption on the weekend of May 27 and 28. This is the first open house the Sanctuary is hosting for adoptions and we invite everyone to come out between 1 and 4 p.m. both days to check out the facility and interact with the cats in a relaxed setting. Our Feline Tea Room will be offering light refreshments. Come and see our wonderful adoptable cats and hopefully adopt your new best furry friend! These cats need a home. Admission is free and we welcome any donation of high quality cat food and/or clumping litter. Join us at 3380 Number 6 Road, Richmond.

By Carol Porteous

Cats available for adoption

Keep checking back. More cats to come!


Cookie came to the sanctuary along with her sister Carla. The animal shelter they were living in was shutting down and so they came to the sanctuary. Cookie is about 8 years old and though tame, can be shy. Cookie has a growth in her ear that would be need to be monitored and cleaned periodically. She needs a quieter home, preferably with no young children.



Birdie is a playful spotted brown tabby with a white chest. Although we think he is approximately 12 years old, Birdie acts like a much younger cat. He is a friendly boy who loves to play. He is especially keen on receiving treats. Birdie was left in a bird cage (hence the name) at our City Shelter several years ago and was moved to the Sanctuary. He would do wonderfully in an indoor only home where he would have room to play.

Cricket and Beetle

Cricket and Beetle came to RAPS as feral kittens from Kelowna. Cricket is a beautiful playful brown tabby and Beetle is a short haired black cat with round golden yellow eyes. They are almost a year old. Cricket has become much more trusting of humans, but Beetle is still wary.  Since they depend on each other, we would like the two of them adopted together. They would need a secure indoor only home. It may take some time for them to adjust to changes in a new home situation but with patience and time, we think that they would do well.



Hannah is a ten year old girl who arrived at the Sanctuary in November 2008, along with her friend Huey. They were surrendered to the Cat Sanctuary because their owner had to move into a home which did not allow pets. She is a very friendly girl, who sometimes likes to surprise you by jumping on your back. Hannah gets along well with other cats, and would do well in a quiet home with another cat companion.


Jodi is one of our long-time Cat Sanctuary residents, who arrived as an 8 month old kitten. Jodi is now almost 18 years old.  She is a sweet independent girl who enjoys having human company. She especially likes to give your face a lick and a little love bite. She is sometimes overlooked since she doesn’t join the group of cats who come and greet people. Instead, you will usually find her tucked into a shelf waiting for someone to come by. Unfortunately, Jodi dislikes other cats, and if another cat gets too close to her she lets them know how unhappy she is. Although Jodi is an older cat, she does not have any major health issues. She would do well in a quiet, one cat household where she can enjoy her last years being pampered the way she deserves to be.

Sophie1-SQSophie (#1)

Sophie is a very sweet 13 year old torbie, who loves people. She came to RAPS after her owner passed away. Sophie is often found quietly curled up in one of the beds in the Moore trailer, but as soon as you pet her, you will hear her incredible purr. Although she is often found by herself, Sophie does not mind the other cats around her. Sophie would do well in a quiet home where there is always a willing lap, and people to dote on her.


Marble is a 12 year old large dark tortie who was surrendered due to her owner being unable to care for her. She has been at the Sanctuary since 2012. Marble is not fond of other cats but will tolerate most of them. She enjoys having human company but can sometimes get overly excited and bite. Therefore, she would need an experienced quiet cat household, with no other animals.



Eva is a very sweet three year old girl who was surrendered to the Sanctuary last fall. Her owner only had her for a few days and very sadly surrendered her when she tested positive for feline leukemia and since their household already had another cat. Leukemia, unlike feline AIDS, can be spread through saliva, and therefore Eva would need to be part of a home where there are other leukemia cats, or be the only cat in the household. Eva loves having human attention and enjoys being carried around over your shoulder as she nuzzles your neck. Due to her leukemia status, Eva would need to be in an experienced cat household.


Chester is a 7 year old cat who has had a rather rough life until he arrived at the sanctuary. He was left behind after his owners left, and had to fend for himself until a RAPS volunteer managed to bring him into the City Shelter. Due to the change in surroundings and having been abandoned, Chester initially mistrusted most humans and would react rather aggressively. He was therefore transferred to the Cat Sanctuary. After much patience and time from volunteers and staff, he has turned into a friendly, though still wary, boy. Chester needs a household where he is given lots of time and patience to adjust to his new surroundings. He would prefer to be an only cat, in a quiet home.


Piper was trapped at UBC many years ago and brought to the sanctuary. We think she is around 15 years old. She’s a sweet older girl who likes to have her own space and therefore would be best in a calm household as an only cat.  We believe that she is deaf, and is toothless. Although quiet, she is friendly with humans and welcomes a friendly pat, warm lap and cuddles.



Ninja is a friendly and affectionate 9 year old boy who was found as a stray in a Richmond neighbourhood several years ago. At the time, there was no room at the City Shelter and so he was brought to the Sanctuary. He’s an outgoing and playful cat, who needs space to roam. He would do well in a secure indoor only home, such as a townhouse where he would have space to run around in and yet not be tempted to go outside.


Buddy is a very sweet older boy, who would love to have his own home. He is an older cat at 14 years old but he doesn’t have any major health issues. Although he doesn’t mind other cats, Buddy often prefers human company over other felines.  He is an easy going boy and would do well in a calm and quiet home, as an only cat.


MuiMui1-SQMiu Miu #1

Miu Miu (#1) is a fourteen year old Persian who was transferred from the City Shelter where she was surrendered due to her owner’s allergies. She is a quiet girl, who can often be found on a shelf, but can also be affectionate when she would like some attention. She doesn’t mind other felines, but prefers human attention. Miu Miu needs daily brushing, as her fur easily matts. She would do well in a quiet home with no children.

MuiMui2-SQMiu Miu #2

Miu Miu (#2) is one of our oldest residents, at almost eighteen years old. She was initially surrendered to the City Shelter as her owners were moving out of the country but was moved to the sanctuary in June of last year. Miu Miu does not care for other felines, but will welcome human attention, especially if it is someone she knows and trusts. Miu Miu will need an experienced cat owner since she will need daily medication for hyperthyroidism, as well as occasional fluids. She also suffers from mouth ulcers which flare up occasionally and may need medication. Miu Miu would do well in a patient, and calm home, with no other animals. Due to her medical needs, Miu Miu would be available for fostering as well as adoption.


Elfie (aka Effie) is a four year old Siamese Snowshoe female, who was surrendered to our City Shelter and was then transferred to our Cat Sanctuary due to her positive FIV (Feline Aids) status. The Feline AIDS virus is generally spread through bites and fighting so if the household does not have any aggressive cats, FIV cats and non-FIV cats can co-exist. Elfie/Effie initially came in scared, unfriendly and aggressive towards humans but with time and patience, has turned into a friendly little girl who enjoys having human company. She is not fond of other cats and will generally warn them vocally when they get in her way so she would do best as the only animal in a patient and calm household.


Minew is a young (3 years old) cat who was surrendered to our Cat Sanctuary from an animal shelter in the Comox Valley due to her positive FIV (Feline AIDS) status. The Feline AIDS virus is generally spread through bites and fighting so if the household does not have any aggressive cats, FIV cats and non-FIV cats can co-exist. Minew is an independent girl, but also loves to have human attention. She gets along well with other cats, and would do well in a quiet home.


Max is a fourteen year old, friendly and talkative boy. He was trapped as a stray, and brought to the Cat Sanctuary due to his positive FIV (Feline AIDS) status. The Feline AIDS virus is generally spread through bites and fighting so if the household does not have any aggressive cats, FIV cats and non-FIV cats can co-exist. Max generally gets along with other cats, and loves human attention. He would do well in a secure indoor only home where he gets lots of human attention.


Tia is a sweet and quiet girl who we think is around 9 years old.  She was transferred from a shelter on the island that was shutting down.  She originally was surrendered to them because her owners had to move and could not take her with them. Tia is FIV (Feline AIDS) positive. The Feline AIDS virus is generally spread through bites and fighting so if the household does not have any aggressive cats, FIV cats and non-FIV cats can co-exist.  Tia would do well in a home where she gets lots of love, attention and a space of her own.

PengPeng-SQPeng Peng

Peng Peng is a thin quiet tortoiseshell girl whom we think is around fourteen years old. This small girl doesn’t mind having other cats around but enjoys having her own space, and human attention. In spite of her age, Peng Peng is healthy, and is not on any medication. Although independent, she enjoys having a lap of her own. She would do well in a quiet and calm home where she could have a lap of her own.

EngTeng-SQEng Teng

Eng Teng is an endearing and quirky girl. She is around fifteen years old and was surrendered to our sanctuary several years ago. Though older, she is quite active and would need a secure indoor only home. She can get overly excited but will often give you a warning when that happens. Eng Teng would love to have a home of her own, where she can have her own space. Due to her quirky character, Eng Teng would do well in a calm and cat experienced home.


Sasha is an absolutely gorgeous eight month old, neutered male, Ragdoll Siamese cross. Sasha had a rough start to life, coming to RAPS as a very malnourished, weak, and sick young kitten. Sasha spent a lot of his early days being bottle fed, nursed, and monitored 24/7 by a staff member at the shelter. Although we thought we were going to lose him at one point, Sasha is a resilient, spunky, and outgoing kitten who made it through! Sasha has an absolute zest for life. He is an active boy who loves to play non-stop and he is looking for a home where he can entertain and be entertained to his heart’s content. Sasha is also a total cuddle bug and loves nothing more than to sleep draped across his person, purring up a storm. He is the definition of the ‘perfect kitten’ and is affectionate and friendly towards all people.

Unfortunately, Sasha was diagnosed very early on with Feline Corona Virus. This is a virus that is transmitted from cat to cat through the fecal oral route but remains inactive unless a mutation occurs that causes the virus to transform. Cats can be carriers of this virus in their feces (Sasha), which is only detected through a very advanced fecal test. With a good diet and regular physical examinations, Sasha should have nothing to worry about. Some cats remain resistant to this virus, and can completely avoid being infected, although there is no way to tell. Because of this, Sashashould not be placed in a home with other cats (there may be special circumstances) but would be more than happy to live with a canine friend.
Special thanks to Michele Wright, Furry Friends Photography.